Holy Matri-Moly Loose Threads Vicki Chase, Kayley Gunner

Holy Matri-Moly Loose Threads
Vicki Chase, Kayley Gunner

Holy Matri-Moly!: Loose Threads

Vicki Chase has chosen her best friend Kayley Gunner to be her maid of honour for her upcoming wedding.


While Vicki is at work, Kayley has gone out and purchased a wedding dress for Vicki’s betrothed so that they may get a head start on the preparations for the forthcoming wedding.

Kayley’s thinking side emerges as she observes how stunning the garment is and she decides that she would like to try it on for herself.

She is fully aware that she shouldn’t, yet she nevertheless gives in to her desires in the end.

After Kayley has finished putting on the wedding dress, she gazes at herself in the mirror and gives herself compliments.

She acts out the fantasy of being married while disclosing that she has a crush… on Vicki. She plays out the fantasy of getting married.

Miss Gunner was caught off guard when Vicki came home from work unexpectedly early and walked right in on her. Kayley is trying to get out of the dress, but she can’t seem to pull it off.

In Holy Matri-Moly Loose Threads Kayley says that she had fantasised about Vicki, and Vicki tries to assist her in getting out of the dress. Nevertheless, because of this, Vicki becomes so startled that she tears the dress inadvertently.

Kayley is feeling even more bad, and she finally comes clean and reveals that she has a crush on Vicki.

She explains that she hasn’t said anything because she was afraid it would damage their friendship. Vicki is adamant that it would have been for the best if Kayley had expressed her opinion on the matter.

Kayley is taken aback when Vicki reveals that she has recently been confronted with a number of troubling portents regarding the forthcoming wedding.

They have come to the conclusion that in the future, it is imperative for both of them to communicate more openly and honestly with one another.

Vicki suggests that they have an affair in order to determine whether or not they are meant to be together. Kayley is taken aback, but after being persuaded, she agrees to have sex with Vicki so that they may determine whether or not they are meant to be together.