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Hot Blonde at the Car Wash

Ada Lapiedra and Tommy Cabrio

While Ada Lapiedra was cleaning her automobile, she discovered that she had no pennies left. Fortunately, Tommy Cabrio was a gentleman who had some spare change in his pocket. Not only did he pay for the subsequent cycle of power cleaning, but he also demonstrated to Ada the proper techniques for power washing the vehicle in the most effective manner. In the process of demonstrating the motions to her, he was holding her body tightly.


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They made the decision to go to a different location when they were turned on. They made the decision to simply make out on a street corner because it was still early in the morning and the city contained a relatively low population. She removed his dick and began to blow him until he passed out.

Fucked her as she was standing up. Undressed, they proceeded to do it in a doggie manner. The missionary who was conned out. In the next block, there were vehicles on the road. He was being ridden by her. At that point, she proceeded to suck his dick until he blasted his load into her face.

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