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House Arrest Hottie Works The Penal System

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Despite the fact that she is released from prison, Romi Rain, who is a hot body babe, is not permitted complete freedom. Instead, she is under house arrest and is required to wear an ankle bracelet. She is watched in her home by a police officer named Mick Blue.

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There is only one thing that Romi is thinking about whenever she is by herself: cumming. When Van Wylde, her badass boyfriend who had just been released from jail, arrives up to surprise her, she is presented with the opportunity to work with her wand.

She gives Van a footjob and moves swiftly on his cock, fucking like she wants to get caught to show off her new ankle jewellery. She is excited to show off her new ankle jewellery. Upon hearing some noises, Mick makes the decision to investigate. A big cock is pulled out by Romi as he makes an attempt to prevent Mick from entering the room.

As a result of Romi’s admiration, Mick is being dragged into her room to jump his dick. Having a need for two cocks at the same time, Romi manages to smuggle Van’s cock into a threesome. After a double cumshot, both of the boys forget their purposes in life and enjoy this double dick down. Meanwhile, Romi is trying to figure out a method to get away from the situation.

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