How Did Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Get Leaked

The infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape, which was released in 2007, caused quite a stir in the media and is still talked about today.

But how did this private video get leaked to the public? Here’s the story of how the Kim Kardashian sex tape got leaked.

Kim Karsashian Look a Like Lela Star Kim K

Above is Lela Star performing as Kim K – a Kim Kardashian Look-a-Like.

In 2003, Kim Kardashian was dating the singer Ray J. The couple was known to be quite public about their relationship and were often seen together at various events.

During this time, they had also started filming themselves engaging in sexual activities on a camcorder.

Fast forward to 2007, and the couple had already broken up. But somehow, the private sex tape had made its way into the hands of Vivid Entertainment, a well-known adult film company.

Kim KardashianSex Tape

The Kim Kardashian porn sex tape was published on PornHub 12 years ago and has amassed over 250 million views.

Steve Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid, contacted Kim and her representatives and offered them a large sum of money to release the tape publicly.

Kim initially denied any involvement in the tape’s release and even went as far as to sue Vivid Entertainment for copyright infringement.

However, in February 2007, she dropped the lawsuit and settled with the company for a reported $5 million.

It’s still unclear how the tape got leaked in the first place. Some speculate that it was Ray J who sold the tape to Vivid Entertainment, while others believe it was stolen or hacked from Kim’s personal belongings.

However, the most widely accepted theory is that someone close to the couple, possibly even a friend or associate, had access to the tape and sold it to the highest bidder.

The release of the Kim Kardashian sex tape caused a media frenzy, and it was watched by millions of people around the world.

Some criticised Kim for profiting off her own sex tape, while others admired her for turning a negative situation into a lucrative business venture.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the tape’s release, it certainly catapulted Kim Kardashian’s fame and helped her become one of the most recognisable celebrities in the world.

In conclusion, the Kim Kardashian sex tape was leaked to the public in 2007 by Vivid Entertainment, who had acquired it from an unknown source.

The controversy surrounding the tape’s release caused a media frenzy and helped launch Kim Kardashian’s career to new heights.