Igniting Emma Magnolia’s Fire

Igniting Emma Magnolia’s Fire
Emma Magnolia, Manuel Ferrara

Igniting Emma Magnolia's Fire

Decked out in latex, tattooed hottie Emma Magnolia is ready to have the best fuck of her life, and Manuel Ferrara is eager to oblige.


In Igniting Emma Magnolia’s Fire, Manuel eats Emma’s pussy, getting her wet against his tongue, before face fucking her.

Needing more, Emma spreads herself wide and has Manuel give her orgasm after squirting orgasm with his dick.

Once she’s drenched and satisfied, Manuel cums down Emma’s throat.

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Flame-haired beauty Emma Magnolia has struggled to maintain monogamous relationships because she wants sex 24/7, and her past boyfriends haven’t been able to keep up! Speaking frankly, Emma says: “I feel like I get grouchy if I’m dating someone who doesn’t want to play or have as much sex as I do.”

Fed up with work getting in the way of pleasure, the ever-horny nympho from Chicago quit her teaching job to pursue her other passion in life – masturbation!

An instant hit in the smut biz, Emma revealed in her success at making money from orgasms, and she has since transitioned from sexy camgirl to pornstar babe.

Finally getting all the cock she deserves, the big-boobed starlet loves being creative when getting down and dirty on set and freely exploring her sexual desires, which she describes as fluid and without boundaries.

Emma was even once in a throuple with two other women while also frequenting orgies on the side!

When she isn’t satisfying her pussy, the privately educated redhead enjoys cooking up a whole host of culinary delights in her kitchen.

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