Ignoring ALL Distractions Lexi Lore Pristine Edge

Ignoring ALL Distractions
Lexi Lore, Pristine Edge

Ignoring ALL Distractions

When Lexi Lore’s lustful and meddling stepmother, Pristine Edge, walks into the room, she is working on her homework.


Pristine is adamant that they have their SPECIAL quality time together, but despite how enjoyable it may seem, Lexi is resolved to finish her homework before they can spend time together.

Pristine is just as adamant about obtaining her allotted quality time, but Lexi is not budging from her position.

In Ignoring ALL Distractions, Lexi insists that she will not take any breaks while she works on her homework, and she instructs Pristine to do whatever she pleases while she waits for Lexi’s assignments to be completed. Pristine turns naughty.

When Pristine starts touching Lexi, it is clear that the two of them are engaging in sexual activity during their quality time together.

Lexi makes an effort to disregard Pristine so that she can concentrate on completing her assignments.

Still determined, Pristine begins engaging in various sexual acts with Lexi in an effort to divert her attention away from her schoolwork.

There is no denying that Lexi is enticed, but she musters the strength to keep working.

During Ignoring ALL Distractions, in the end, Lexi is able to complete her assignments and declares that she is now ready to engage in sexual activity.

Pristine cannot contain her joy. Their one-on-one quality time may at last get underway in earnest.