I’ll Fuck You For It Jennifer Keelings

I’ll Fuck You For It
Jennifer Keelings and Danny D

I'll Fuck You For It

The bride, Jennifer Keelings, possesses a strong desire for her ideal wedding gown; however, it exceeds her allocated budget.


Jennifer enters into an agreement with Danny D, the groom’s younger brother, who assures her that if he can be the final individual with whom she engages in sexual intercourse prior to her marriage

He will cover the expenses associated with her extravagant wedding attire.

The bride consents on the condition that he refrains from disclosing the matter to her betrothed.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers I’ll Fuck You For It

MILF, the redhead with big boobs, Jennifer Keelings is a talented makeup artist who was simply too hot to work behind the camera! Jennifer began her career as a stripper at the age of 18 and by the age of 20, she was working as a beautiful presenter on live television.

Jennifer soon took her enormous, false boobs to LA to attend the famed AVNs, and ended up staying the entire summer to shoot porn.

Jennifer is a fantastic model for the smut trade, covered in tattoos with a fit waist and firm butt, especially considering she enjoys group sex and threesomes.

Jennifer Keelings is a feisty Scot who’ll leave you sweating, panting, and wanting more! She’s smart, professional, and ravishingly attractive!