I’m Home Alone Luna Luxe

I’m Home Alone
Luna Luxe, JMac

I'm Home Alone Luna Luxe

Blonde woman Luna Luxe is currently by herself at home and feeling sexually aroused.


She decides to send explicit photographs to Jmac in order to entice him to visit her.

In Reality Kings I’m Home Alone, Jmac enters Luna’s window with the intention of engaging in sexual activity, specifically focusing on her genitalia, and proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse with her in the doggy-style position.

He lifts the small, fair-haired woman, in order to engage in vigorous sexual activity with her, and Luna receives all the sexual satisfaction she desired and even more!

Pornstar Featured in Reality Kings I’m Home Alone

Luna Luxe

Luna Luxe is short and blonde, and if she looks familiar, it’s because you may have seen her in the background of a porn scene before.

Miss Luxe started out in the business as an extra, but the more she saw the real stars, the more she thought she could do the same things.

Luna has a beautiful, slim body that she isn’t shy about showing off on camera.

She belongs in the middle of the action and will never go back to the sides when she can have all the dick for herself!