Influencer’s Delight Kylie Rocket, Scott Nails

Influencer’s Delight
Kylie Rocket, Scott Nails

Influencer's Delight

Hot influencer Kylie Rocket finds out that super fan Scott Nails is taking creepshots of her and spying on her in the dressing room as she tries on outfits.


But to his surprise, she pulls him inside and makes him join her there.

Kylie isn’t bothered by the attention he’s paying her; in fact, she poses for a selfie with him and even consents to sign his dick!

In Influencer’s Delight, the only issue is that they don’t have a pen, so she has to resort to sucking on it instead.

The day that Scott finally gets to fuck his favourite brunette influencer and load on her face is the happiest day of his entire life.

Pornstars Featured in Influencer’s Delight

Kylie Rocket

Spinner Kylie Rocket consistently aims for the stars, which ensures her success.

Kylie is a gorgeous brunette who is independent and enjoys viewing porn. She looked up how to become a pornstar online one evening and clicked the first link that up.

An agency called her back ten minutes after she sent him her images. Who could blame him after seeing her beautiful titties and solid booty?

But Kylie is more than just a lovely face—she’s also a gifted photographer and presumably a savage football player!

Check out Kylie in the scene called Influencer’s Delight she’s the kind of pervert you’ll want to see over and over because she truly believes in porn.

Scott Nails

It’s understandable why this muscular hunk called himself Scott Nails: Scott always does a great job, whether he’s nailing two-by-fours on a construction site or busty broads on screen.

This workaholic guy, who formerly owned a construction company, is used to getting his hands filthy. Nothing gets a small, pervy starlet going like a pair of large, rough hands!

Scott was seeking to make a significant career change when his company failed during the 2000 stock market meltdown and knew just where he wanted to go: the porn business.

He was fortunate that his ex-girlfriend had just asked him to participate in a boy-girl shoot with her and that he had impressed the director so much that getting a job in the industry was simple.

The rugged good looks, propensity for rough play, and no-bullshit attitude of Scott have earned him a favourite of both pervy fans and porn princesses. He also has a huge dick to match.

Adult movie viewers love to witness the women fall head over heels for the tough, silent type because there is just something about him that they can’t help but like.

So treat yourself to Scott Nails’ scorching sex scenes today for a talented cocksman who is genuinely tough as nails.