Is That Her? Citah

Is That Her?
Citah, Jordi El Nino Polla and Potro De Bilbao

Is that her

Jordi and Potro are assisting their new flatmate, Citah, in the process of decorating her living space.


However, they have observed some aspects of Citah’s behaviour, including her movements, mannerisms, vocal patterns, and the way her attire complements her physique, which have captured their attention.

Embracing the sinuous contours… Have the individuals in question previously encountered one another?

The individual in question exhibits a notable degree of familiarity. The posterior region concealed by the textile material. Prominent breasts protruding.

Jordi possesses prior familiarity with the aforementioned curve.

As he navigates through his collection of recorded videos, he experiences a strong sense of familiarity upon encountering a particular physique.

In Brazzers Is That Her?, Potro endeavours to establish a connection between an ostensibly innocent woman and a camgirl who conceals her identity.

Is it possible for them to be identical? Do the giggle and moan refer to the same thing? The aforementioned anatomical regions that undergo delightful double penetration.

If such is the case, the initiation process for roommates is anticipated to become significantly more lively and exuberant.