Just Another Perv Massage Thick Ass Daphne

Just Another Perv Massage
Thick Ass Daphne and Peter Green

Just Another Perv Massage

The individual known as Peter, who has been previously associated with inappropriate behaviour as a masseuse, has resumed engaging in such actions.


On this occasion, he has a scheduled meeting with Daphne, who possesses a notably curvaceous physique. The individual expeditiously arranges the massage table and patiently anticipates the auditory cue of the shower.

The individual covertly seeks to attain a glimpse, and the physical appearance of that person incites an intense and irrational reaction within him.

With his eyes rolling to the posterior position, he fails to perceive her act of turning around, resulting in her catching him in the act.

Peter promptly expresses his remorse and attempts to depart, although Daphne informs him that she has eagerly anticipated receiving a massage over the entire week, thereby compelling him to fulfil his professional duties.

While engaging in physical contact with her ample posterior, she vocalises her dissatisfaction with his audacity to climax without taking her needs into account. Therefore, a revised strategy has been formulated.

In Bang Bros Just Another Perv Massage, she informs Peter that engaging in sexual intercourse with her is necessary to compensate for his inappropriate behaviour. Initially, Peter experienced confusion but eventually embraced the challenge.

He engages in sexual intercourse with her in a highly satisfactory manner, such that upon completion, she will likely require an additional session of massage therapy.

The artist applies paint on her face, and she eagerly anticipates her subsequent scheduled session.