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Karen Fucks The Coffee Shop Girl

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Sandy Love and Lola Aiko

Sandy Love lashes out at the barista Lola Aiko for serving her tap water, throwing the full cup all over her, and soaking the teen’s white blouse. WATCH THE VIDEO. This comes after Sandy Love finds herself becoming extremely irritated and agitated while waiting in queue.

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The irritated Karen walks behind the bar and tells Lola that she will demonstrate to her how things are done, and that brewing coffee is just the beginning of her demonstration. After that, she begins to touch the dripping wet The whip is squirted all over Lola’s booty, and then she licks it off to remove it.

In addition to that, as she is bending over the bar, she uses a dildo to fuck Lola’s pussy. After that, it is Lola’s turn to lick the MILF, but she is required to maintain her silence while she is being raped and licked in front of the customers.

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