Kelsey Loves Roses And BBC’s Kelsey Kane

Kelsey Loves Roses And BBC’s
Kelsey Kane and Jay Bangher

Kelsey Loves Roses And BBC's

Kelsey Kane has a body that is just flawless. She has a lovely bubble butt, which is the best feature of all, in addition to being thin, quite tall, and blonde.


Since we only saw her walking by herself on the beach, we thought it would be nice to give her some roses. However, at this point she is obligated to play fuck, marry, and kill with our group.

And fortunately for her, she decided to fuck our man Jay, and he is prepared for the experience. We encourage Kelsey to come in the van by showing her the wad of cash that we are willing to pay, and she gladly climbs in the vehicle as a result of our ploy.

She had just recently returned from the beach, but her cheeks were already glowing with a healthy glow. Her bubble butt is mesmerising to look at, and the way it perfectly curves as she bends down makes my jaw drop.

Her butt is a bubble. We also really like her attitude; she came in all set to get fucked. Kelsey has such a tight tiny pussy that she could put Jay’s entire BBC inside of it, and the way that she groans drives me insane.

She even lets out a scream each time she cums, and the very thought of it makes me want to jack off right this minute.