Knock Knock…BBC Who? Summer Vixen

Knock Knock…BBC Who?
Summer Vixen and Damion Dayski

Knock Knock...BBC Who

Engaging in personal leisure, Summer Vixen acknowledges the fact that she has surpassed the utility of her current adult toy.


The individual is in dire need of an object or opportunity of greater magnitude. Subsequently, a distinct knocking sound is heard at the entrance, intensifying her exasperation.

The individual rises from their position to attend to the incoming call, which is revealed to be from Damion. Prior to establishing his intentions, she promptly ushers him indoors to assess his potential utility.

Upon extracting Damion’s third limb, she has a sense of elation, as her supplications have been fulfilled. He satisfactorily occupies her vaginal cavity.

However, it is insufficient as she desires it to be inserted into her rectum. He engages in an act of anal penetration, exerting force to expand the anal opening to its maximum capacity, while striving to achieve maximum depth with his rather large phallic organ.

In Bang Bros Knock Knock…BBC Who? Summer Vixen exhibits a repetitive expression of gratitude while experiencing multiple instances of orgasmic pleasure.

She informs him that he is welcome to interrupt her personal time at any moment, provided that he continues to accompany his presence with his substantial genitalia.