Learning How to Reid Ryan Reid

Learning to Reid

In a steamy turn of events at Brazzers University, the alluring Ryan Reid decides to take her education into her own hands—or rather, into her professor’s lap. Under the guise of needing help with her notes, Ryan seductively approaches her professor, Mick Blue, after class. Little does he know, Ryan has an ulterior motive that has nothing to do with academics and everything to do with fulfilling her carnal desires.


Step 1: The Seductive Setup

Ryan Reid, with her innocent eyes and disheveled notes, walks up to Professor Mick Blue’s desk after the lecture. She claims she needs help understanding her notes, but her body language and sultry glances suggest otherwise. As Professor Blue tries to decipher her intentionally confusing scribbles, he soon realizes the true purpose of her visit.

Step 2: The Initiation

Unable to resist her charms, Professor Blue gives in to Ryan’s advances. She quickly drops to her knees under the desk and begins to give him a sloppy blowjob, her lips and tongue working expertly. The room fills with the sounds of her slurping and moaning, and the professor’s low groans of pleasure.

Step 3: The Unexpected Visitor

Just as things heat up, another student, Hollywood Cash, walks in. He stops dead in his tracks at the sight of Ryan’s head bobbing in the professor’s lap. Far from being embarrassed, Ryan looks up with a mischievous grin and invites Hollywood to join in the fun. Intrigued and aroused, Hollywood steps forward, dropping his pants to reveal his own eager cock.

Step 4: The Spitroast and Beyond

With Ryan’s encouragement, Hollywood joins in, and the professor moves around the desk to facilitate a more intense session. They engage in a rigorous spitroast, with Ryan’s mouth and pussy being filled simultaneously. Her moans grow louder, and the room is filled with the sounds of raw, unbridled passion.

Step 5: The Climax

The intensity builds as the two men take turns pleasuring Ryan, eventually leading to a thrilling double penetration session. Ryan’s body is worked into a frenzy, and she responds to every thrust with enthusiastic moans and gasps. The men give her pussy and ass a rigorous workout, leading up to a big, explosive finish.

Step 6: The Aftermath

After the intense session, the room falls silent save for the heavy breathing of the trio. As they recover, Ryan finally gets the academic clarification she initially pretended to seek. Satisfied in more ways than one, she gathers her notes, now with a much clearer understanding of the subject matter, and leaves the room with a knowing smile.


“Brazzers Learning How to Reid” showcases a provocative and unforgettable encounter that starts with a seemingly innocent request for help and ends with a lesson in pure pleasure. Ryan Reid’s daring seduction and the subsequent steamy classroom antics ensure this is a session no one involved will soon forget.