Let’s Tag Team My Dad’s GF

Let’s Tag Team My Dad’s GF
Dee Williams, Scarlit Scandal and Kyle Mason

Let's Tag Team My Dad's GF

Scarlit Scandal and Kyle Mason are having a good time messing around in Kyle’s living room when they are approached by Kyle’s father and his hot new MILF girlfriend, Dee Williams.


Scarlit and Kyle both like what they see, so they decide to sneak out by the pool and try to get a shot with Dee while Kyle’s dad is watching.

After engaging in some playful teasing outside, Dee invites Scarlit and Kyle into her bedroom for a steamy and intimate threesome session.

But for how much longer can they continue this deception before Kyle’s dad finds out?

Pornstars Featured in Brazzers Let’s Tag Team My Dad’s GF

Dee Williams

Dee Williams, a horny Texan MILF, enjoys being flogged, bound, and choked, and she keeps returning for more.

You wouldn’t guess this pixie-haired beauty with a seductive Southern accent to be a BDSM legend based on her pseudonym, “Darling.”

Yet, she feels most comfortable in a skin-tight latex suit, bound and prepared for whatever her master has in store.

Her submissive nature always places her on the receiving end of a large dick or a thick strap-on, despite the fact that she sports a set of large, fake 34DDD tits and a juicy ass.

Darling Dee and her immensely hot tattooed body regard getting tied up as a relaxing afternoon activity.

This curvy babe’s expertise in jiu-jitsu and wrestling means she can dole out a rough fucking just as much as she enjoys receiving one, which makes her sexual submission even sexier.

Prepare yourself for a universe of fetish action with the irresistibly succulent Dee “Darling” Williams.

Scarlit Scandal

Petite Scarlit Scandal, who entered the booty game at the tender age of 19, had already learned a vital lesson: Never neglect the testicles.

This talented spinner always impresses with her deepthroating and dick-taking abilities.

But it’s the way she makes sure that her man’s stones always feel the love as well that has porn fans all over the country taking a second and third look at Scarlit.

Not to mention the male talent who want the full Scarlit Scandal treatment! Don’t ignore Scarlit’s videos; view some of her finest work now!