Luna Star Seduce & Destroy Part 1

Luna Star Seduce & Destroy Part 1
Luna Star, Mick Blue, Damon Dice, Oliver Flynn

Luna Star Seduce & Destroy Part 1

Exiled saboteur As we jump into the action of Luna Star’s femme fatale presentation, she is now evading three bounty hunters.


Luna has a price on her head for a long history of heists, infiltrations, and other illegal activities, and the water is shimmering on her curves as she careens over the waves

Luna hides her lethal talents under a provocative costume while she waits for her pursuers on a yacht that has been strategically positioned nearby.

Damon Dice, Oliver Flynn, and Mick Blue seek high and low for the succubus spy, only to be drawn in by her attraction like moths to a flame as they are searching for her.

With her pouty lips, perky tits, and a thirst that will rip your soul out of your body, Luna is fully aware of how to use these men like they are dolls.

During sloppy deepthroat, she flicked out her tongue in order to lick the balls. Putting significant pressure on her pussy during cowgirl.

Alternating between each of the three cocks in order to keep them stiff and throbbing and ready to burst as soon as she requests those thick loads.

There is no other prize that can compete with the cost of seeing this watertight and insanely athletic double penetration Star display.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Luna Star Seduce & Destroy Part 1

Luna Star is a beautiful woman with large buttocks who believes she was “born to do porn.” After leaving Cuba for Miami, Luna enrolled in college and earned a degree.

But as fate would have it, she was destined for greater challenges: in 2012, Luna had her first pornographic experience and never looked back.

Despite her diminutive stature, she enjoys asserting her authority over every hulking male who crosses her path. Luna’s luscious ass is game for anything, be it a stiff dick up her bubble butt or a headfirst dive into a moist pussy.

This curvy beauty spends her time off-set hiking, boxing, and listening to soothing jazz with her thick legs.

The fact that she aspires to be “the best pornstar ever” suggests that the videos below will feature significantly more of Luna Star’s enthusiastic fuck sessions.