Maid Has A Big Ass Niki Harris

Maid Has A Big Ass
Niki Harris and Yanick Shaft

Maid Has A Big Ass Niki Harris

I required the services of a domestic cleaner to perform household cleaning tasks, while also having some non-essential requests in mind.


I proposed providing her with supplementary remuneration in return for her engagement in cleaning activities while refraining from wearing her undergarments and lower body garments.

Initially, Niki Harris had a contrary stance towards the concept; but, subsequent to my persuasive efforts, she acquiesced to relinquishing it.

She persisted in her cleaning efforts, and subsequently, I presented her with the opportunity to receive further compensation in exchange for completing the task without any clothing.

Once more, her enthusiasm towards the idea was lacking, nevertheless, the monetary compensation being presented to her persuaded her to acquiesce.

After a period of time has elapsed, I assume a relaxed posture and expose my genitalia to her. I augmented the monetary sum I am proposing to her, subsequently initiating an intense session of physical intimacy.