Maid in Heaven The Official Egypt

Maid in Heaven

Johnny is eager to have a day to himself and nothing else to do. For the first time since he returned from college, his parents are not in town, and he is free to do anything he pleases while he is at home by himself.


On the other hand, he had no idea that his parents had hired a maid to come in and clean the house for the day. After Egypt, the maid, arrived, he made every effort to convince her to go, and he did everything in his ability to accomplish this. As soon as she knelt down and took notice of her flawless rear end. After that, he made some adjustments to his plans.

Currently, he was exerting every ounce of his force in order to obtain a piece of that a$$. Over the course of the cleaning, he viewed her ass from a variety of perspectives, and when she was almost finished for the day, he messed up a room that she had already cleaned in order to ensure that she would remain for a longer period of time.

Following some time, she was able to figure out what he was doing. That is why she confronted him. It was at this point that Johnny admitted that her ass was so damn gorgeous, and that he had never seen an ass like it before. She was so moved by his remarks that she made the decision to show him some appreciation by beginning to undress for him.

It was then that she requested that he worship her privates, and the rest, as they say, is history. Johnny made the maid climax multiple times on multiple occasions by fucking her in a variety of various ways. All of this culminated in a massive load being placed all over her face.