Monster Anal For Kitana Montana

Monster Anal For Kitana Montana
Kitana Montana, Jovan Jordan

Monster Anal For Katana Montana

Kitana Montana contacted the Bangbros hotline with a request for a professional masseur who could provide an oil-based body treatment.


Upon Jovan Jordan’s arrival, it became evident that he possessed a significantly larger stature in comparison to the rather diminutive Kitana. All of his physical attributes were at least twice as large as hers.

He commenced the process of applying oil onto her very pleasing unclothed physique. She inquired of him: Could you kindly insert your finger into my posterior? Consequently, he took action.

In Bang Bros Monster Anal For Kitana Montana, he performed a series of manual manipulations on her body, applying pressure and movement in a rhythmic manner. She proceeded to expose his substantial phallus and commenced the act of fellatio.

They entered the residence and engaged in sexual intercourse. However, she expressed a desire for anal intercourse. Jovan proceeded to engage in anal intercourse with Katan using his significantly large phallus.

The process occurred with seamless transitions. He engaged in various sexual positions with her till he ultimately ejaculated inside her.