My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak Natasha Nice

My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak
Natasha Nice and Dan Damage

My Girlfriend's Sister is a Freak

Dan Damage and his partner are organising a dinner event in honour of his partner’s sister, Natasha Nice, who has a curvaceous physique.


Dan and Natasha have not yet had the opportunity to meet. However, Dan is captivated by Natasha’s striking facial features and impressive physical attributes.

Natasha holds a favourable opinion of Dan and, during their meal, deliberately drops a fork on the floor as a pretext to subtly engage in seductive behaviour towards her unknowing romantic partner.

In My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak, Natasha and Dan engage in intimate activity beneath the table, culminating in Dan’s completion within Natasha, resulting in a fluid-filled outcome.

Natasha’s sibling remains unaware, prompting Natasha to discreetly accompany Dan to the loo, engaging in intimate activities till reaching a climax resulting in Dan ejaculating across Natasha’s ample and aesthetically pleasing breasts.

Pornstar Featured in My Girlfriend’s Sister is a Freak

Natasha Nice

This Paris-born, Los Angeles-raised beauty has just the right mix of sophistication and sass to drive us nuts.

She jumped into the profession as soon as she reached 18 because she couldn’t wait another minute to be paid to do what she loved.

Ms. Nice will spend the entire day getting fucked on set, then return home and ask her boyfriend for more. Natasha’s drive and unyielding desire to come have garnered her four AVN Award nominations.

Don’t assume for a second that Natasha is only interested in cock; she is also an ardent reader, studies Marine Biology, and enjoys being engaged in all areas of porn production.

She has even directed her own scenes and enjoys coming up with new sequences by massaging her clit and testing which one gets her off the fastest.

We can’t get enough of her wicked smile and fuck-me eyes, and we bet you’ll be obsessed with Natasha Nice after seeing her.