My Grandma’s Hot Friend Sally D’Angelo, Malina Melendez

My Grandma’s Hot Friend
Sally D’Angelo, Malina Melendez

My Grandma's Hot Friend

Malina Melendez, a gorgeous college girl, has just completed working for the day and has decided to ride her bike over to visit her grandma.


Malina’s grandmother lives not far from where Malina lives.

Sally D’Angelo, her grandma’s close friend, is happy to see her, but not as glad as her granny is to see her!

Sally analyses Malina and notices that her pert nipples are visible through the sheer white shirt that she is wearing despite the fact that she is wearing a bra.

In My Grandma’s Hot Friend, Sally comes to the conclusion that she should charm the innocent Malina and show her the best time of her life while she is being watched over by Sally’s grandmother.

Sally tears a hole in her see-through stockings and demonstrates to Malina, who has dark hair, how to suckle Sally’s dripping tight pussy while Malina watches.

Malina gets instruction on how to complete the task from Sally.

Sally then follows Malina into the bedroom, where she stretches Malina’s dildo with a dildo that has two sides on it, just like Malina did for Sally earlier. Malina then repeats the process for Sally.

This elderly woman is in for the shock of her life if she happens to walk in on these two sexual predators sharing a bedroom together.