My Sister-In-Law’s Slutty Secret Melissa Stratton

My Sister-In-Law’s Slutty Secret
Melissa Stratton, Keiran Lee

My Sister-In-Law's Slutty Secret

Melissa Stratton, a horny housewife, is determined to get one more fuck out of Keiran Lee, the brother of her husband.


Keiran recently put a stop to their passionate affair, and he is going to great measures to avoid being tempted by it.

This is despite the fact that they have hooked up in the past. When Keiran visits his brother’s house to spend the weekend there, he is under the impression that his hair-dairked sister-in-law Melissa is out of town.

Nevertheless, devious Melissa would alter any plan if it meant that she could wrap her plump lips around Keiran’s huge cock just one more time.

This is the only thing that matters to her. To obtain what she wants, Melissa has no problem insinuating sneaky mocking towards Keiran right under the nose of her husband!

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers My Sister-In-Law’s Slutty Secret

Melissa Stratton

Melissa Stratton used to be a professional ballerina and has travelled all over the world.

But she always takes her warm and friendly Midwestern attitude with her, saying she can talk to anyone about anything.

Melissa is a beautiful woman with green eyes who is likely to start a chat with you. You’ll want to get to the naughty side of things right away!

In addition to her pro porn jobs, Ms. Stratton is an investor, business owner, podcaster, and camgirl.

She has her long, delicate fingers in a lot of different pies, and you’ll be hanging on her every word… and asking for a taste!