Naughty Bookworms Kacey Jordan and Scarlett Pain

Naughty Bookworms
Kacey Jordan and Scarlett Pain

Naughty co-eds Kacey Jordan and Scarlett Pain get fucked by Professor’s big dick.


Since Scarlett Pain and Kacey Jordan do not have the financial means to purchase the needed textbook for Professor Christian’s class, he offers to lend them one of his personal copies of the book.

On the other hand, they are obligated to look after them… because if they don’t, there will be repercussions.

In Naughty Bookworms Kacey Jordan and Scarlett Pain,  when the books are returned in a shit state, the professor offers Kacey and Scarlett a choice.  They either work all Summer to pay for the books, or they can take part in their first ever threesome.

Kacey Jordan and Scarlett Pain jump a the chance to get fucked by a professor at college who is rumoured to have a huge fucking cock.

These two naughty bookworms were certainly not disappointed!

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