Naughty Movie Night Ivy Wolfe Jennie Rose

Naughty Movie Night
Ivy Wolfe and Jennie Rose

Naughty Movie Night

Ivy Wolfe and Jennie Rose, who share a room, put on their cosy pyjamas for a night in front of the television, but Jennie Rose ends up watching lesbian pornography by accident.


Ivy is interested to know if her flatmate has ever had a sexual encounter with a female before, and as the two of them watch, their hands begin to wander to each other’s bodies for the very first time.

Soon, Ivy will be sucking Jennie’s pussy, and when she does, Jennie will cum more forcefully than she ever does with her lover! After that, Jennie will get a whiff of Ivy just before they 69.

Pornstars Featured in Twisty’s Naughty Movie Night

Ivy Wolfe

Green-eyed radiance Ivy Wolfe finds it all too easy to pique men’s interest, but she warns that she cannot be defeated: “You can befriend and even break wolves, but you can never truly tame them.”

Ivy writes, and this gorgeous brunette shows no indications of slowing down any time soon. Ivy first appeared on porn in 2017 as Emma Scarlett, yearning for the freedom to be her sexual self in a place where she would be accepted without shame.

It’s obvious she found it, and after changing her name to match her true wild side, her new pornstar self was a wonderful fit!

Ivy may not want to be metaphorically tied down, but literally tied down is another story: this girl is naturally submissive and enjoys testing her limits with BDSM.

Ivy can look like a pinup model when she wears bright red lipstick to highlight her smooth skin; when she’s out in nature without makeup, she transforms into a hippy babe emitting good vibes.

Ivy is gorgeous in any context. Watch the video above to catch a glimpse of this wild-at-heart beauty!

Jennie Rose

Beautiful up-and-coming pornstar Jennie Rose was born into a highly conventional and religious home, where she was raised by a number of preachers and a very strict mother.

Since graduating from college, the fiercely independent spinner has broken away from the constraints of her constrained upbringing and carved a successful career path, first starting her own car rental and e-commerce enterprises then opening her own studio, which she still operates when she isn’t busy shooting porn.

Although she didn’t consider working in the adult business until she was in her thirties, the sex-positive nymph enjoys the spotlight and the attention she receives when performing in front of the camera.

When the epidemic came, Jennie would watch porn and masturbate for hours every day during lockdown to satisfy her high sex drive, which inspired her to film her own smutty videos!

One thing to keep in mind about the petite girl is that she never fakes an orgasm; if she isn’t cumming, she won’t tell you she is! When Jennie isn’t getting her tight pussy ploughed on set, she likes to paint, cook delicious Korean food, and look after her pet dog.

Check out these hot scenes with this raven-haired beauty above!