Nika Really Needs The Cream

Nika Really Needs The Cream!
Nika Venom and John Long

Nikka Realy Needs The Cream

Nika has a significant craving for baking a pie. The problem is that she can’t seem to track down the cream to bake the pie!


She searches the entire kitchen, but she just can’t seem to locate it anywhere. As soon as she opens the kitchen door, she has the sudden realisation that someone must have been using it.

She confronts John about the situation in the living room and orders him to get up and go to the store to get additional supplies.

The thing is, John’s attention is diverted by a game that he is playing on his mobile phone. She gets the notion in her head to entice him and immediately begins shaking her gigantic and flawless ass while showing off her enormous breasts.

John assures Nika, with very little hesitance, that he is able to provide her with an unlimited supply of cream whenever she desires it.

From that vantage point, he gratifies her sexual desires with his enormous big black cock. She was getting her pretty pink pussy bashed in from all different angles till he got his creampie on inside.