Not Quite Home Alone Andi James

Not Quite Home Alone
Andi James, Jimmy Michaels, Dirty Dan

Not Quite Home Alone

Andi James, who is horny and married for the second time, wants to blow her new husband, but he brushes her off.


Andi thinks she’s home alone, so she starts feeling herself. However, when she walks in on her surprisingly hung new stepson, Jimmy Michaels, in the shower, she makes the decision to get her dick fix with him instead!

In Reality Kings, Not Quite Home Alone, Jimmy’s stepmom, who is redheaded, tittyfucks him and then takes him to her bedroom to fuck her and eat her pussy. Jimmy can’t believe what he’s seeing. He even cums on her large boobs.

About Andi James

Andi James, a stunning redhead who is now in her fifties, is having more fun than the majority of individuals have while they are in their twenties.

After getting divorced, this former resident of Boston came to the conclusion that she would no longer put herself last and that it was finally time for Andi to achieve everything she had always desired.

The first thing on her agenda was to travel to the south, where this curvy babe spent the majority of her time basking in the warmth of the Florida sun.

Andi quickly came to the conclusion that the one thing that was lacking from her wonderful new life was cock as she began to come back in touch with the things that she truly desired.

However, this cougar has learnt her lesson when it comes to settling down with just one guy, and Andi discovered that she was seeking for the best way to sample all of the biggest and best dicks she could get her hands on.

In no time at all, she was filming her very first pornographic scene! Observing her behaviour reveals that this mature beauty has evolved into the type of woman who is confident in her choices and goes after what she desires.

As a result, the scenes in which she participates are among the most sizzling that have ever been filmed.

Check out the constant sex party that Andi is throwing right now in Not Quite Home Alone.