Nothing But Nuru Mia Dior

Nothing But Nuru
Mia Dior, Mazee The Goat

Nothing But Nuru
Mia Dior

This is the Brazzers porn debut video for Mia Dior.  Watch it first, now!


The fact that her flatmate kept her awake on the night before her huge massage exam by having an all-night fuckfest with her boyfriend, Mazee the GOAT, is the source of her anger.

She is a really pretty woman. Because Mia is aware of a method by which Mazee can make amends to her, she will allow her to practise on him by giving him a steamy rub down.

The type of massage that Mia is currently practising is called Nuru, which literally translates as “skin-on-skin.” Mia begins by stripping down and applying oil to her entire body.

In Brazzers Nothing But Nuru, she applies oil on Mazee and then begins to slide and tumble all over him.

It turns out that the massage is a full-on fuckfest, and Mia enjoys every single second of it, knowing that her flatmate must have heard all that she has to say.