Oily Pool Sex With Rissa May Rissa May

Oily Pool Sex With Rissa May
Rissa May and Derek Savage

Oily Pool Sex With Rissa May

Bang Bros are having a good time out in the sunshine! Rissa May enjoys nothing more than showing off her toned physique at the pool, and we couldn’t be happier for her.


She applies oil to her skin before going out into the sun in order to get a tan, and the way that it shimmers and shines in the light makes me want to lick it all off.

Rissa’s tits are so large that her bikini can hardly contain them, but there is no need to worry about that since Rissa pulls off her bikini and lets the sun warm her large tits.

She reaches all over her body and continues to do so until our friend Derek walks in to provide some aid. Rissa enjoys the way that Derek strokes her back, and because it makes her feel so nice, she takes off her bikini and rubs her naked ass all over Derek’s chest.

This makes Derek very uncomfortable. She was unable to contain herself any longer and requested Rissa to lubricate Derek’s cock, and it didn’t take long for Rissa to insert Derek’s dick into her hot pussy.

In BangBros Oily Pool Sex With Rissa, she couldn’t take it any longer. Take a look at the way Rissa’s ass and tits move about and you’ll see that her figure was meant for getting it on.

Observing Rissa May’s tits when she is serving as a missionary causes his dick to get as hard as a rock; the way they appear when they are oiled is exactly right.

Derek is a very fortunate man to have slept with one of Bang Bro’s sexiest ladies.