Overdue For A Screw Addis Fouche Berry McKockiner

Overdue For A Screw
Addis Fouche, Berry McKockiner

Overdue for a screw

Addis Fouche and her best friend are discussing all of the boys that she intends to invite to her birthday party.


As a result, when she is in the library and discovers a gigantic dildo in her bookbag, she is already prepared and ready to go.

During the time that her buddy is distracting the librarian, Addis takes advantage of the opportunity to fuck herself with the toy.

She even attaches it to the chair so that she may ride it. Berry McKockiner, a student who is nearby, discovers what she is doing and decides to join her in the stacks.

While they are there, she sucks his cock and he fucks her pussy. It is impossible for Addis to maintain her composure as she cums all over that dick because she is so excited to have a head start on her birthday sex!

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Addis Fouche

Addis Fouche is a busy babe who gets things done, both off and on set. She is a writer, creator, and businesswoman.

All of these things are true. Addis used to work in advertising, but she quit that job to pursue a career as a starlet instead.

She choose to become a starlet because she enjoys having sex and is well-versed in the art of selling her all-natural, hot appearance to thousands of followers.

When she is at home in New York City, Addis is typically seen going out on dates with her girlfriends or going on dates with herself to bookstores.

If you are lucky, you could even catch her dancing at the club!