Picking Up A College Cutie Alice Hernandez

Picking Up A College Cutie
Alice Hernandez, Kristof Cale

Picking Up A College Cutie

When Alice Hernandez first spots the person who will be giving her a ride with the ridesharing service, she is thinking about more than simply returning to college.


Kristof Cale places her suitcase in the trunk, and as she bends over to “adjust” it, she makes sure to pull up the short skirt that she is wearing so that her ass is visible.

After that, she gets in the front seat with him, pulls her pants down and starts sucking on his cock! Alice finally gets the massive dick she’s been craving when Kristof pulls over so he can suck her tits and lick her pussy.

He makes her squirt before he fucks her in the hood and in the back, and then he cums in her mouth after the sex.

Pornstar Featured in Picking Up A College Cutie

Alice Hernandez

Review your knowledge of the human body with the help of Alice Hernandez’s flawless physique.

This little Brazilian girl has a naughty fantasy of being dicked down by a doctor, so you’ll want to get a white coat and a stethoscope to help you listen to all of Alice’s moaning!

This petite Brazilian babe has a naughty fantasy of getting dicked down by a doctor! Alice is a skilled dancer who possesses a gorgeous set of breasts as well as an ass that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

She will make you want to examine her body again and over and over and over again…