Playing Hard To Get Evangeline Love

Playing Hard To Get
Evangeline Love and Danny D

Playing Hard to Get

This the Brazzers porn debut for Evangeline Love.  A pornstar from Wales, UK.


Evangeline Love, the wife of Danny D’s brother, exhibits behaviours that Danny perceives as overt forms of flirtation, such as wandering about unclothed or engaging in sexual touching towards Danny.

These actions lead Danny to infer that she is expressing a willingness to engage in sexual activity.

However, she is engaging in a playful behaviour of feigning disinterest before eventually granting him access to her affections.

When Danny is least expecting it, Evangeline clandestinely enters his room and discreetly engages in intimate activities, including oral stimulation and vigorous sexual intercourse.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Playing Hard To Get

Evangeline Love

Evangeline Love, a Welsh beauty, is a charming, sweet-natured anal queen who is willing to do anything, from being submissively tied up in a harsh bondage scenario to donning a strap-on and playing a feisty dominatrix.

The “filthy, petite brunette” says she gets genuinely turned on when other people get off on watching her perform, and she isn’t afraid of being caught fucking a stranger in public – and the harsher the sex, the better!

Evangeline also enjoys collecting sex gadgets such as dildos, butt plugs, and anal beads of all sizes. Furthermore, the perpetually horny nymph is a gigantic cumslut who fantasises about filming a bukkake scene in which she is bathed in cum!

When she isn’t busy creating a reputation for herself in the smut business, the curvy babe enjoys clubbing or viewing a horror movie with pals, as well as going to the gym to stay in shape.

Check out Evangeline in her hot Brazzers debut called Playing Hard To Get.