Public Agent Abandoned German Wife

Public Agent Abandoned German Wife
Micky Muffin

Public Agent Abandoned German Wife

Today I happened to run across a stunning blonde woman by the name of Micky Muffin, and she confessed to me that she had recently divorced her husband.


The hot German blonde was strapped for cash, and because I was in a giving mood, I proposed a deal: in exchange for some money, she may show me her boobs.

It was so much fun getting a close look at Micky’s flawless tits, and she even let me touch them!

After that, she leaned over and showed me her thong-clad bottom, which caused my dick to become hard, so we checked into a hotel in the area so that she could suck me off!

In Public Agent Abandoned German Wife, Micky was getting horny as a result of the sensation of my throbbing cock being in her mouth, so the young nymph stretched her legs apart and began masturbating on the bed.

As soon as her pussy was nice and wet, I penetrated the tatted-up beauty in a missionary and doggystyle, and then we had a passionate side fuck prior to me tonguing her delicious snatch!

To cap things off, Micky stroked her clit until it was orgasmic, and then the cum-hungry slut dropped down on all fours and swallowed my hot cum!