Pure Taboo Long Time No Stalk Robby Apples Victoria Voxxx

Pure Taboo Long Time, No Stalk
Robby Apples, Victoria Voxxx

Pure Taboo Long Time No Stalk

When Cora (Victoria Voxxx) opens her front door to collect her morning paper, she is taken aback to see Marcus (Robby Apples) hovering over her. Cora is shocked by his presence.


It has come to Cora’s attention that Marcus is a man who followed her around when she used to live in another state; nevertheless, she was never able to gather sufficient evidence to obtain a restraining order against him.

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It appears that all of Cora’s efforts were for naught because Marcus has followed her here and moved in just next door. Cora relocated here only to get away from him, but it appears that her efforts were for naught.

Over the course of the following few days, Marcus follows Cora around and watches her as she goes about her daily routine.

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He follows her around while she gardens, watches her after she takes a shower, and even sneaks up to the window of her living room to get a better view of her as she cleans her house. He does this to make her feel uncomfortable.

And later on, when Cora discovers a new pair of footprints outside this window, she makes the decision to contact the authorities once more, despite the fact that they still refuse to assist her. It would appear that she is alone herself.

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Marcus knocks on Cora’s door the following day while carrying one of her packages, and he does so carrying it. Although he says that it was sent to him in error, Cora is able to see right through the ugly sneer that he is wearing.

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She is adamant that she find out what it will take for him to finally abandon her and go live his life somewhere.

Marcus ponders how difficult it would be for him to relocate so soon after arriving in the new location, but he drops indications that he MIGHT take the idea into consideration if she can convince him that it will be worthwhile…

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Cora can hardly believe what she is hearing, but she makes the decision to take a chance and give Marcus what he has always yearned for so that she can finally be free of him for ever.