Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself Seth Gamble, Spencer Scott, Jazmin Luv

Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself
Seth Gamble, Spencer Scott, Jazmin Luv

Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself

When Amy (Jazmin Luv) arrives, she finds herself at a luxurious house.


Since she is running late for an orientation for a potential job as a live-in carer, she is feeling a little amount of added pressure and stress.

Amy has not exactly had an easy time recently, as she has battled to find employment and even to offer a suitable home to live for herself and her children. The situation has not been an easy one for her.

However, as of today, she is positive that all will soon be different. She is more on the cusp than she has ever been of securing a respectable career, and she is not going to let this opportunity pass her by.

In Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself, Mrs. and Mr. Dent, played by Spencer Scott and Seth Gamble, are the ones that greet Amy when she arrives at their house.

Mrs. Dent exudes warmth and friendliness, but curiously enough, Mr. Dent gives off the impression of being somewhat reserved and pensive.

Even so, Amy gives him an odd look, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as she shrugs it off as best she can.

They take Amy on a tour of the house, showing her all of the rooms, including the ones in which she and her family will be staying.

Amy is astounded by the lavish accommodations at the location, as well as the possibility of one day being in a position to offer a secure sanctuary for her very own family.

After that, the Dents lead Amy to the couch, where they get ready to go over the specifics of the arrangement in greater depth.

However, Amy is bewildered by the situation; where is the patient for whom she is meant to be caring?

Mrs Dent grins and then gestures to her husband, who has surprisingly slipped his cock out of his trousers and is now stroking it.

During Pure Taboo Take Care of Yourself, Amy has, as it turns out, already had a face-to-face encounter with the individual for whom she would be caring, and this particular individual has somewhat unique requirements…

Amy will decide how to proceed. Will she agree to Mr. Dent’s terms and service and fulfil all of his whims, whether sexual or otherwise?

Or will she revert to the life of hopelessness and toil that she has been so arduously attempting to claw her way out of for as long as she can remember?