Pure Taboo What Others Want: A Kenzie Anne Story

Pure Taboo What Others Want: A Kenzie Anne Story
Isiah Maxwell, Kenna James, Kenzie Anne

Pure Taboo
What Others Want: A Kenzie Anne Story

Amy (Kenzie Anne), a stunning camgirl, ends one of her cam shows. She engages in fan conversations and has an endearing bubbly personality.


As she starts to take off her makeup after signing off, her demeanour changes and she appears lonesome.

The phone rings after a little period of silence. It’s Jay, a new man in Amy’s life (Isiah Maxwell). Only a few weeks have passed since they started dating, but so far, things are going well.

Someone who makes Amy nervous and appears to be interested in her opinions as opposed to merely her appearance. When she eagerly picks up the phone, Jay invites her to visit him.

In Pure Taboo What Others Want, he claims that he wants to make an informal proposal to her that they have been discussing official. But until they meet in person, he won’t reveal what it is. Amy’s face shows a smile.

She longs for romance and is certain that tonight will be the night Jay proposes to her. She nods in agreement and quickly hangs up the phone to get ready.

Amy visits Jay’s home later that day. He gushes about Amy’s beauty, the fun they’ve been having together, and how he had never given thought to anyone in Amy’s line of work previously.

He may have been jerked off to porn, but he never gave the women featured in the movies much thought. Though she initially feels uncomfortable, Amy eventually sees these as compliments.

She expresses to him how much it means to her to be appreciated as a person in addition to her professional accomplishments. She likes him so much because of this.

Jay, however, seems to be just partially paying attention because he is still focused on his point of view. He says he’s been thinking a lot about her lately and is prepared to further things.

Amy takes his hands in hers as she can hardly contain her joy. He goes on to note that he has been curious about several of their recent chats, particularly those that took place in the bedroom.

He liked the thought of her inviting a buddy over to join them in particular.

During Pure Taboo What Others Want, Amy seems downcast. She wasn’t anticipating a proposal like this. Jay is unaware of the change in her body language as it happens

He asks Amy to enchant him with her favourite doll, a toy they can play with tonight, and he is ecstatic. As he pumps her up and makes her feel empty inside, he slides his hands over every inch of her body.

He claims he would adore getting to know Amy’s blonde companion, with whom she occasionally performs on stage. Amy tells her straight out that she can call her, but perhaps another night.

Amy is urged by Jay to call her right away. She receives a phone from him as he tells her that he wants them to enjoy themselves tonight.

Resignedly, Amy calls Lindsey (Kenna James), a friend, and invites her over for a play date.