Reality Kings House Hunting Humper

Reality Kings House Hunting Humper
Jenna Swhite and Jordi El Nino Polla

Reality Kings House Hunting Humper

When Little Humper Jordi El Nino Polla comes up at the open house, he throws a wrench into all of the careful planning that realtor Jenna Swhite has done!


He consumes the snacks, bumps everything in sight, and knocks over a vase, which terrifies the serious purchasers and drives them away.

When Jordi shows Jenna a stack of cash and demonstrates that he can afford to make an offer, Jenna loses her cool and gives in to all of Jordi’s demands. Jordi gets all he wants.

Jordi’s fantasy involves someone humping her leg and motorboating her enormous tits. There is one thing that Jenna enjoys more than a sizable commission, and that is a large dick.

Pornstar Featured in Reality Kings House Hunting Humper

Jenna Swhite

Every inch of Jenna Swhite’s tattooed body is dripping with sex appeal, while the stunning babe’s filthy personality and enormous, watermelon-sized breasts have men eating out of the palm of her hand… and then eating out of her tight pussy!

This raven-haired MILF has a voracious appetite for cock and a wealth of experience, and there is nothing the always-horny nympho enjoys more than showing off her exceptional skills in front of a rapt audience.

If you can tear your eyes away from Jenna’s large, juicy titties for more than a few seconds, you can truly appreciate the artistic touches that adorn her delicious curves, as well as her beautiful face and delectable lips that can easily encircle any size dick!

Observe this beautiful work of art in action as she delivers an epic performance in the video above called Reality Kings House Hunting Humper.