Reality Kings Mom and Stepdaughter Cottage Life

Reality Kings Mom and Stepdaughter Cottage Life
Armani Black, Violet Gems and Jimmy Michaels

Mom and Stepdaughter Cottage Life

Violet Gems, Armani Black’s new stepdaughter, both agree that the vacation cottage where they are staying is wonderful, and they both come to the conclusion that hiring the handyman Jimmy Michaels will make their vacation even more enjoyable.


Violet is the first to stake her claim, and she does so by grinding her ass on Jimmy.

However, Armani “accidentally” spills some sodas all over Violet, after which she takes Jimmy to the shower and soaks him thoroughly.

Violet isn’t going to give up on Jimmy so easily, even if his beautiful stepmom is sucking his cock.

After luring him in with her sizzling hot body in the naked state, the college girl then leads him into the bedroom for a blowjob.

In Reality Kings Mom and Stepdaughter Cottage Life, Armani is forced to participate in a threesome after she discovers that her stepdaughter has been riding Jimmy’s dick.

Pornstars Featured in Reality Kings Mom and Stepdaughter Cottage Life

Armani Black

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Armani has a big set of brown eyes you’ll want to fall into, and luckily she’s got some huge boobs to catch you.

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Violet Gems

Miss Violet Gems puts the “fun” in “fun size”. Violet is a small four feet ten inches tall, but her pierced tits and round booty are big enough to play with for hours, and she’s a giggly ball of energy that will have you wanting to pick her up and take her with you everywhere you go!