Reality Kings What Are You Wearing?

Reality Kings What Are You Wearing?
Cindy Shine and Steve Q

Reality Kings What Are You Wearing

Steve Q observes that his stunning girlfriend appears to be wearing something different, but she is preoccupied with her stepdaughter Cindy Shine’s provocative outfits and is unable to focus on their intimate evening together.


Cindy walks in wearing an extremely revealing attire while she flirts with Steve behind her stepmother’s back. This happens while his girlfriend is complaining.

After the argument between the women, the teenager stomps off to her room, where Steve immediately follows her to have a talk with her.

In Reality Kings What Are You Wearing?, Cindy can’t believe Steve has such a large dick, so she decides it’s her turn to enjoy it by sucking him, then sitting on his face, and then riding his enormous cock. Steve can’t believe Cindy is doing this to him.

Cindy gets made to spray by Steve, and then she puts his spunk on her pussy!

About Cindy Shine

One thing you should know about Cindy Shine, a tall, slender Czech beauty, is that she follows her own set of rules.

Cindy is the type of independent babe who does exactly what she likes, and she’s having a great time doing it!

Whether she’s filling her bed with all of her favourite dildos and vibrators and daring her lovers to help her try them all, or having naughty public sex without caring whether any passersby will get a glimpse of her all-natural body and perky tits, Cindy is the kind of babe who does exactly what she like