Realtor Please The Dominant Couple Joanna Angel Tommy King

Realtor Please The Dominant Couple
Joanna Angel, Tommy King, Scott Nails

Realtor Please The Dominant Couple
Joanna Angel Tommy King

Joanna Angel and Scott Nails, a dominant couple, are looking for a house and are looking at one that was sold by realtor Tommy King.


Tommy is a new agent who isn’t sure what to do and is made even more nervous by the couple’s bossy behaviour.

Joanna and Scott pick up on Tommy’s air of submissiveness and enjoy messing with her, telling her what to do right away.

Tommy sees the horny couple’s eternity collars and knows they’re into kink. She happily shows them the BDSM dungeon, the house’s best feature!

The possible buyers insist on trying it out and include Tommy in their world, making it a very intense BDSM trio!

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Joanna Angel

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Tommy King

Some adult film fans called this big-booty babe a “anal princess” after her amazing first performance in pro-am porn, but Tommy wants to be the King!

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