Roleplay With Me: My Cartoon Crush Dee Williams, Sonny McKinley

Roleplay With Me: My Cartoon Crush
Dee Williams, Sonny McKinley

My Cartoon Crush

Sonny McKinley, who is a devoted follower of the television show Hentai Sex School, will have the opportunity to meet one of her idols today, as luck would have it.


After winning a competition, Sonny will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with none other than Dee Williams, who supplies the voice of Principal Coldsnatch, Sonny’s favourite character on the show.

The opportunity for Sonny to finally meet Dee in person is nothing short of a dream come true.

In My Cartoon Crush, Sonny is shown inside the house by Dee after she has greeted her, and the two of them make themselves comfortable on the couch.

Sonny’s fanfiction submission for the contest is praised by Dee, and she even signs the comic book that Sonny brought with her to the event.

As they talk to one another, it is clear that they are attracted to one another, and when Dee mentions that she recently acquired a cosplay outfit of Principal Coldsnatch, she has an amusing (and impure) notion about what might happen if they wore the costumes together.

As Dee dons the attire of Principal Coldsnatch and rejoins them on the couch, Sonny is rendered speechless and in awe of how hot she looks in the disguise.

Dee doesn’t let that be the end of it, though; in order to get Sonny even more excited, she begins to ROLEPLAY as Coldsnatch.

During My Cartoon Crush it doesn’t take long for their pretend play to turn into something more physical, and Sonny gets the chance to live out her desire by slapping the animated version of her crush!