Running Through Her Pipes Kailani Kai

Running Through Her Pipes
Kailani Kai and Lawson Jones

Running Through Her Pipes

Lawson is a man who performs miscellaneous tasks for his landlord. He goes to Kailani’s house to fix her washbasin, and while he’s there, he sees her getting ready to head out for a morning jog.


She opens the door for him just as she is leaving, and he can’t help but notice that her cheeky shorts leave a lot of her derriere exposed. Because she is concerned that she may have torn something, her run does not go very long.

If she needs assistance massaging it out, she should approach the handyman who works in her house for his assistance. Lawson is extremely willing to help.

Because it’s possible that her clothing are too constricting and preventing blood flow, we need to remove them so that he can get a better look inside of her.

In BangBros Running Through Her Pipes, they both start to feel uncomfortable and overheated. Because he is skilled with his hands, she is curious about the other areas in which he excels.

She orders him to bring it out, and she cannot contain her excitement when she sees how enormous it is. She takes it in her mouth as if it were designed specifically for it, and he fucks her large ass while riding it like a wave.

After he goes, her face is covered in sounk, and she is left wondering whether there is anything more in that area that need attention.