Secrets of A Suck Off Secretary Lilith Grace

Secrets of A Suck Off Secretary
Lilith Grace, Scott Nails

Secrets of A Suck Off Secretary

Lilith Grace, a vivacious blonde administrative assistant, possesses knowledge of her employer’s preference for a steaming cup of coffee and an attractive secretary.


She enters Scott Nails’ office while wearing a skirt of notably short length, and upon his presentation of his substantial phallus, she assumes a position on her hands and knees to engage in oral stimulation.

When Scott’s spouse unexpectedly arrives, Lilith is compelled to seek refuge under the desk. However, this does not hinder her from persisting in engaging in sexual activity.

In Secrets of A Suck Off Secretary, after Mrs. Nails has exited the premises, Scott engages in oral contact with Lilith’s genitalia, followed by engaging in sexual intercourse with her on his desk.

Upon the arrival of his spouse and her subsequent discovery of the situation, it becomes evident that Mr. Nails might potentially have an additional employment opportunity at his disposal.

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Lilith Grace

Lilith Grace’s motto is “The purpose of life is to live, so create a story worth living,” and that is precisely what this svelte blonde is doing.

After a strict, traditional upbringing, Lilith broke free to pursue her twin passions: music and love!

She claims that working in the adult industry is her way of making up for lost time, as she gets to complete her fuck-it list, which includes bondage, intercourse with women, and many other activities.

Lilith is a quick learner, so observe what she is attempting in her lustful sequences today.