Shoot for S-E-X Asteria Diamond

Shoot for S-E-X
Asteria Diamond and Air Thugger

Shoot for S-E-X
Asteria Diamond

Let’s not sugarcoat this, shall we? If you and your companion are participating in a competitive activity of any kind…


There is a sexual undercurrent in this. It’s all about the competition, the rivalry, winning and losing, and gaining and losing control. When the bubbly Asteria Diamond pits herself against the thuggish Air Thugger, we are all aware of the true motivation behind the fight.

In Brazzers Shoot for S-E-X, having him take care of her round behind. He was trying to get his cock down as far as possible into her throat.

Insisting that she bite his shoulder while Asteria gives him a more rough ride. Oh, do you mean the basketball and the hoop? This is the beginning of the fun.

The actual game is in the glances and smiles that they exchange with one another, as well as in checking at each other’s bodies and accidently rubbing oneself against the other person… When you aim for S-E-X, everybody comes out on top.

Pornstar Featured in Brazzers Shoot for S-E-X

Asteria Diamond

Stacked hottie Asteria Diamond will try everything from bondage to threesomes, but she says her kink is when she and her guy nut at the same time.

With the way Asteria rides the cock and makes her big bubble booty clap, she can control that down to the second!

A lover of fitness who can be found at the gym, learning new pole tricks, or going on long runs with her pups when she’s not on set or editing her own content, this busy babe has a surprisingly romantic side: “I just need to ride someone’s dick into the sunset.”