Slutty Student Fucks Mom’s Trainer Crush Summer Col

Slutty Student Fucks Mom’s Trainer Crush
Summer Col, Mick Blue

Slutty Student Fucks Mom's Trainer Crush

Summer Col is doing her best to study, but she can’t help but look at her mom’s hot personal trainer, Mick Blue. Summer is trying to be responsible.


When Summer sees his big dick tenting his shorts, she can’t help but tease him by sucking on her pen. She then goes behind her mother’s back and stuffs the pen in her butthole!

Mick rims the college student as his client is performing squats, and then he tells Summer’s mother to continue working out in the backyard so that Summer can squat on his dick.

In Slutty Student Fucks Mom’s Trainer Crush, Mick cums on the slutty student’s glasses after he has finished fucking the student’s puss and ass.

About Summer Col

Summer Col, a brunette Colombian hottie, enjoys getting seduced.

Nothing, according to this lovely big-booty beauty, makes her wetter than a man who understands how to take his time.

From flirtatious glances and tender touches to passionate kisses that leave her pleading for the dick.

But don’t think that means Summer is out of date when it comes to sex because she calls herself a “freak for anal” and prefers to fuck without dating first.

Check out the scenes below to see this humid, sweltering Colombian summer.