Sneaking out for Anal Melania Dark

Sneaking out for Anal
Melania Dark and Emilio Ardana

Sneaking out for Anal

Melania was captured on camera as she tried to escape her house in order to spend out with us.


We haven’t seen her in quite some time, so we caught up on some things before she showed us a suitable place to fuck her outside.

After gagging for a while on Emilio’s cock, we informed her that today is a very special day and that we are looking forward to fucking her in the ass.

In BangBros Sneaking out for Anal, she was prepared without batting an eye or hesitating. Emilio didn’t care who saw him as he walked up and down the path and banged her behind.

He gratified her by stuffing something into her mouth as a reward. Because she was making such a racket outside, let’s keep our fingers crossed that she comes back in stealthily.