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Step Bro Teaches Me Anal

Lucy Mendez and Freddy Gong

As Lucy Mendez is currently at home, she has a question for her stepbrother Freddy regarding something that her boyfriend has reported. Freddy, who was nearing the point of catching him masturbating, finally gives in and lets her in.


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We learn that Lucy has a desire to engage in anal intercourse with her partner, but that she must first gain experience in order to be able to do so with him. Thus, she requests that Freddy fuck her behind. Before she showed him her slim and toned body, he wasn’t a hundred percent certain.

Not even I would be able to refuse that. At the same time that we see Lucy caressing herself, we also notice her legs that are spread out in a large distance. As soon as Freddy realised he could no longer control it, he asked Lucy to suck his dick, and from that point on, things went from bad to worse.

Lucy is able to take on a large, fat cock as if it were no difficulty at all. As Freddy’s hard cock slips up and down Lucy’s tight grasp pussy, watch as they both cum till they are both satisfied.

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