Stephanie Rains

Hey I’m Stephanie Rains I grew up in Nova Scotia and moved to Alberta Canada 5 years ago.

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In the past 2 years I’ve decided to get into modelling after getting my tits done twice and currently sit at 1800cc.

Stephanie Rains

I’ve decided that I really want to become a full time adult performer and am hopeful to break out into the industry. I have always loved sexy and am very kinky, when covid hit I seen how badly it hurt and effected people.

And I thought to myself if I can maybe just be an outlet for someone even for a short period of time during their day were it takes their mind off of everything that would make me really happy.

I know I definitely love all the support that I have already received from fans and other actresses.

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The woman in this industry are very supportive and helpful especially for me who’s just starting out. They are always telling me to stay focused and I’ll get there.

Stephanie Rains Beach Black Bikini

As for sex, I’m extremely bisexual. I am a natural switch but lately have been getting more dominant.

I love dominating men and woman. Strap-on bondage dress-up forced bi humiliation you name it. My ultimate goal is to start working with major production companies.

I’m 5ft 135 lbs 19lbs is just my tits.  I’m a 50NNN but can squeeze into a triple K. Blonde always clean shaved. Tongue pierced and belly button.