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Stepmom and Stepdaughter Fuck An Influencer

Sera Ryder, Justine Jakobs, Alex Jones

Alex Jones, a prominent figure on social media, is looking for someone to interview, and he just so happens to ask the attractive MILF Justine Jakobs.

The Tiniest Bikini!

It is her pleasure to respond to his inquiries; nevertheless, as he begins to inquire about sexual matters, she makes the decision to bring him inside to demonstrate to him! Before bringing him to the bedroom and sucking his dick, Justine gives him a warning to be quiet because her stepdaughter is at home.

A college student named Sera Ryder is Alex’s biggest admirer. She sneaks a glimpse at them and touches herself. After that, she finds Alex in the restroom by himself and begs for a selfie together.

After Justine discovers that Sera is sucking the star, she makes the decision to teach them both a lesson. She gives Sera the order to lick her pussy, and she gives Alex the order to tongue her ass!

After riding Alex’s large cock and squirting all over it, Justine then gives Sera the opportunity to take the lead. When Alex went in for his sex interview, he had no idea that it would morph into a stepmother and stepdaughter trio!

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