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Stepmom Surpise starring Evie Rees and Tania Amazon

Danny D Fucks Them Both

Sepmom surprise

In a conversation with her neighbour Danny, Sexy Tania discusses the fact that her new stepdaughter Evie does not want a stepmother. Tania is at a loss to find the reason behind Evie’s constant anxiety while she is in her presence.

When Danny happens to catch Evie masturbating while she is in a horny state, he notices a picture of Tania on her phone, and everything begins to make sense. Danny taunts Evie as she emphasises that she still likes cock as she makes explanations for all of the candid and dirty photos of Tania that she has on her phone. At the same time, Danny teases Evie.

This is something that Danny is more than pleased to provide! During the time that Tania is stroking her moist pussy and watching Evie licking Danny’s enormous cock, she hears something and listens there at the door. In a short amount of time, Tania is apprehended for her voyeurism, and she is subsequently pulled into a sizzling threesome with Danny and Evie!

After an intense fuck session that concludes with Danny glazing both Tania and Evie with a large cumshot, the three of them come to a complete and utter halt when Tania’s new husband comes back and calls out for all of them!

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